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What can you buy in bulk?

Brand: Pine Island Herb & Spice

Soup, Seasoning, Dip, Gravy, Sauce, Marinade and Dressing Mixes, Herb and Spice

Brand: Yum Rush

Sweets, Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit

Brand: Bake Craft

Baking Mixes, Baking and Cooking Ingredients


How bulk products packaged?

Bulk product packaged in large bags and boxes! Our customers repackage them in retail packaging according to their needs.

Why shop in bulk?

  • There's much less wasteful packaging.
  • You save money because you're not paying for the fancy labels.
  • You package the products the way you like it, with you own packages and labels.
  • You pay mush less than for retail packaged products.

How To Shop In Bulk?

You can give us a call at 973-778-1749or send us email to contact.yumrush.com@gmail.com

Have a question? We can help. Call: 973-778-1749