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About Us

About Us

Yum Rush Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of a wide variety of ingredients and food products. We specialize in Natural, Healthy, Gluten Free, Vegan, MSG Free, Non-GMO, Salt and Sugar Free food products. All of our products are delicious and kosher.

The Company was created with the following premises:

  •     There is a need to create new healthy, natural and quality food products
  •     There is a need to make sure that healthy, natural and quality products reach the broad consumer market
  •     There is no need to add preservatives and dyes to make a great dish

Our Brands:

  • Yum Rush is a sweet brand. Sweet in all respects, but primarily because it is focused on Sweets and Snacks. We are always on the lookout to increase and improve our Chocolates/Sweets, Dried Fruits/Nuts and Snacks. The brand follows its slogan - 'Great Food that makes you say Yum!'
  • Pine Island Herb & Spice is a manufacturer of gourmet soups, dips, pastas and seasonings. This brand also distributes a wide variety of high quality herbs and spices. Pine Island makes all natural, MSG free, preservatives and dyes free, no salt or sugar added products. Most of the products are also gluten free. This brand has been producing high quality, delicious food products for 24 years and has a very loyal customer base.
  • BakeCraft produces quality and very tasty baking mixes made from grains that don't contain gluten. These baking mixes are light, easy to prepare and delicious. They are a healthy delight for every person and every occasion. BakeCraft is also a distributor of various baking and cooking products.

Our Mission:

  • Make, distribute & sell the finest quality natural food products with a continued commitment to incorporating wholesome, natural and organic ingredients.
  • Always aim for the highest standards of excellence in innovating, manufacturing and delivering natural foods to our customers.
  • Reach, develop, acquire and win broad segment of food consumers of all ages.
  • Contribute positively to our communities and our environment.
  • Pursue profitability through developing and acquiring new products and business lines.
  • Efficiently and effectively using resources; constantly finding new markets, customers and opportunities.